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Online or Face-to-face Support

• Is your child struggling to get to school in the morning?
• Are you finding it hard to communicate with your teenager?
• Are you having difficulties with getting your child to sleep?
• Are you wanting to understand and manage your child’s behaviour?
• Adults or children with attachment and trauma related behaviours impacting on family life and
• Is someone in your family suffering from anxiety or depression?
• Relationship dynamics?
• Need help with navigating services or systems involved in supporting your family?

  •  Value for money: free initial assessment and flexible payment plans, including WINZ quotes

  • High quality service: experienced, well trained and registered therapeutic Social Worker who is non-

judgmental and rooted in integrity

  • Whole hearted support: walking alongside the individual or family in times of need or crisis. I offer-

appointments for children, teenagers, parents or the whole family.


  • Flexibility: support where and when it is needed eg. Before school, evenings or on the weekends when-

most services are shut


  • Accessibility: Face to face appointments (Hawkes Bay only) or online appointments from anywhere in

New Zealand from the comfort of your home. There are also no limited service criteria to access the
support that you need.

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