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My name is Kylie Taylor. I am a registered Social Worker in Hawkes Bay. I have spent 4 and a half years working with families in schools and in the community.

I have spent three years providing education to families and school communities around Hawkes Bay on child anxiety and trauma.  I also spent three years as a schoolteacher in Hawkes Bay.

As a child I grew up living with chronic and crippling anxiety that had a major impact on my life well into adulthood. A part of this condition was based on my experience of growing up in a family where I felt disconnected and misunderstood.

I experienced my own trauma but also unconsciously took on the trauma experiences of my family.

The anxiety was a symptom of this. My unresolved early childhood trauma followed me into the education system which further perpetuated my trauma and continued into adulthood. 

I don’t blame my parents for my trauma as they were also a product of their environments growing up with their unresolved trauma. Parents are not given a ‘Parenting Manual’ when they bring children into this world. They do the best with the knowledge, understanding and their own lived experiences, combined with the influences of the wider societal context. 

Sometimes families become stuck at some point in their journey in life and the symptoms of unresolved traumas from generations gone by can manifest in symptoms of anxiety, trauma, anger, etc that can challenge the workings of the family.


A family is like a cog system. If one cog is stuck and stops turning, it affects all the other cogs. 

My passion is around understanding around why the cogs have stopped turning and to support the family system to run well again. This has far-reaching impacts for the quality of life as a family and as individuals well into the future. 

When organisations and communities that work with families have more awareness and understanding about supporting the cogs to turn, this has an even greater impact.

Wholehearted Family Services prides itself on:

  • Understanding that families are unique

  • Working relationships with customers are done with love, care and integrity 


The belief that ALL families are capable of positive change

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